Nokia Lumia 1020 Premium Leather Case Leaked

Our high-end phones are our dearest possession, but are prone to scratches, damages, smudges or even a drop to the floor which at the wrong angle might lead to its sad and early demise. To prevent just that, consumers fit their phones with, often ugly, cases.

Right after the launch of the camera-centric Lumia 1020, leaked images of a premium leather case for the phone hit the web. The case doesn't do much to make the phone look worse (thankfully), and has got a smart removable cover to protect the precious 41 MP camera (which will be the reason for maximum buyers to even consider the Lumia 1020 in the first place) at the back. No word on pricing or availability, but we're guessing it to be the same date as the worldwide launch of the Lumia 1020, July 26th.