Dropbox Wants To Move Outside The Box

Back in 2007, the founders of Dropbox, Drew Houson and Arash Ferdowsi, set their sights on the single goal of finding the most efficient and effective method of syncing files between different devices. They now want to expand what Dropbox does for application data.

At Dropbox's first developers conference, the pair stated that the company will be launching a new set of development tools that will allow developers' to incorporate the functionality of Dropbox for any service or app they create.

The company's goal is for Dropbox to become the "spiritual successor of the hard drive." They want users to be able to save data from an app on one device, and continue where you left off on another that may have a different architecture and operating system.

Dropbox is currently being used by approximately 175 million people worldwide and if they can pull off adding this additional functionality to Dropbox the company will likely see explosive growth in the near future. Ka-ching.