LG Works on a Windows Phone 8 Device

LG is working on its first Windows Phone 8 device, according to its Indian managing director Soon H. Kwon, in an interview with Light Reading India. "At home (South Korea), we are actually working on our Windows Phone 8 OS powered smartphone," he stated, adding that despite that, his company's focus would remain on Android.

"Android is the major platform globally, given its acceptance and penetration. Although, we believe that Windows will pick up going ahead, as Microsoft is pumping efforts into it," he stated. That clarification was more than warranted, because LG is up tight with Google, being its Nexus partner. LG co-designed, and manufactures Google Nexus 4, the reference 4.7-inch smartphone that runs Android 4.2, and is expected to work on Google's next Nexus smartphone.

LG's last handset running Microsoft's mobile operating system was the Optimus 7 E900, which dates back to 2010, and which ran Windows Phone 7. The company has since only made smartphones running Google's Android operating system.