Skyrim Gets Steam Trading Cards

I you don't own Bethesda Softworks' epic fantasy role playing game, Skyrim, now may be a good time to consider jumping in and getting it. Not only are the various versions of the game and the downloadable content on sale, but Steam Trading Cards have been added.

Beginning a short time ago, Valve added trading cards to their digital distribution system Steam. The trading cards can be collected and then traded with friends. The goal is to collect sets which can then be used to unlock badges, emoticons, background images and other goodies.

The Skyrim-specific cards can be found while playing the game and give players a little more incentive to wander the huge expanses of the world that Bethesda has created for you enjoyment.

Skyrim received excellent reviews and given its open world setting, if you get hooked on playing it prepare to have it consume hundreds of hours of your spare time.