Dell's Ubuntu-Flavored XPS 13 Could Save You $100

According to a report by Liliputing, Dell would soon begin offering a Ubuntu-flavored version of their new Broadwell-powered XPS 13 laptop. Unveiled at CES 2015, the new XPS 13 has the slimmest bezels we have ever seen on a 13-inch notebook, earning it the "world's smallest 13" notebook."

At present, the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS flavored Precision M3800 workstation costs $100 less. A "developer edition" XPS 13 would entail a similar amount of savings. Many would love to swap out Windows 8.1 for Ubuntu on their notebooks. Saving $100 along the way? Hit me with it!

The Dell XPS 13 base model is priced at $799. It comes with a dual-core processor and a Full HD display.