Microsoft MVP Says Xbox One Justifiable Business Expense

In a recent blog post, Microsoft Xbox MVP and "Director of Consumer Camp", Marques Lyons explained that the Xbox One is a justifiable tool for use in small businesses. While gaming consoles are not usually associated with businesses, he has a few good points.

There are quite a few things that the Xbox One will do that are of potential use for small businesses, and with the price currently sitting at $499, it's a reasonable option to consider for a small business expense.

Some of the features he outlined were;

Skype: Xbox One will allow people to not only use Skype on the console, but it will allow for multi-person chatting. Combine this with the wide-angle lens and 1080p view of the included Kinect and you have the means for collaborative meetings and presentations.

SkyDrive: Currently, on the Xbox 360, you have access to SkyDrive via the Internet Explorer web browser and the dedicated SkyDrive app. SkyDrive has become one of the leading cloud services for storing documents and having them available anywhere you need them. For the home business, SkyDrive, snapped with Skype (for example) can make accessing documents for presentation and discussion easy.

Internet Explorer and Office Web Apps: The current Xbox 360 and Xbox One will have Internet Explorer available. If you host clients at your home, use the power of IE and the size of your TV to showcase your new redesigned website, or snap IE to the side while using SkyDrive to present sketches you're working on. Because Internet Explorer has access to the Office Web Apps, pair that with a Wi-Fi keyboard and mouse and you have the means to edit documents, when necessary, even if you aren't near your PC.

In addition he talked about Wi-Fi Direct coupled with SmartGlass for Power Point presentations and the high possibility that future applications will come along that would also be of benefit to small businesses.

While I tend agree with his assessment, good luck convincing your boss that you need an Xbox One on your desk at work.