Jeb Bush Fail: Emails Published With Personal Data Intact, Including SSNs

You'd think politicians would have better teams handling their digital affairs. Florida governor Jeb Bush has decided to release all of his official emails from his time in office. Bush's goal with releasing the emails is to show how transparent he is.

Unfortunately, some things have gone wrong. Any bit of information included in the emails to and from Bush are technically part of the public record. That has resulted in Social Security Numbers, addresses, names, and phone numbers being made easily accessible.

Even though personal information is redacted from many emails, it is still possible to search through Bush's e-book to find tons of personal information. Between names, addresses, and SSNs, an identity thief can do quite a lot.

Bush's team has responded by saying the personal information will be removed. Though, this is the internet, so removing information from its originally source is essentially pointless.

It's even somewhat odd that such personal emails to and from Bush have been published. Sure, disclosure and transparency is great, but it's sort of weird to make millions of emails available for everyone to see.