Nokia Sold 7.4 Million Lumias in Q2 2013, Incurred $150 Million Loss

Nokia, the former god of mobile phones and now a tiny spec in the market, is on an upward climb once again. The Finnish company released their Q2 2013 sales figures earlier today, Nokia has managed to sell 7.4 million Lumia devices in the past 3 months, an impressive figure. Many of these phones are undoubtedly the entry level Lumia 520 for sure. Thanks to the introduction of new low-cost devices, the average price of each Lumia sold fell from €182 to just €152 quarter over quarter.

"During the third quarter, we expect that our new Lumia products will drive a significant part of our Smart Devices revenue" - Stephen Elop

Feature phone sales have surprisingly seen a decline, with the company selling 53.7 million feature phones this quarter compared to 55.8 million in Q1. Asha phone sales saw a slip from 5 million to 4.3 million this quarter. Smartphone sales has given €1.164 billion to the company, feature phones €1.4 billion. Nokia's map division "Here" posted a loss of €89 million, while Nokia Siemens posted a not-so-impressive €8 million profit. Despite the more or less impressive numbers, Nokia posted a near $150 million loss for Q2 2013.

To read the complete document, hit the source link that'll direct you to Nokia's official PDF.