Xiaomi Mi Pro Action Camera Is Powerful And Cute, Takes On GoPro

Xiaomi has announced their own action camera at MWC 2015. The Xiaomi Mi Pro Action Camera takes on GoPro with its 16MP Exmor R sensor from Sony, a compact body that weighs only 72 grams, and overall cute design that is bound to appeal to various demographics.

Mi Pro Action Camera

The Xiaomi Mi Pro Action Camera comes with 16GB internal storage, which is actually a 16GB Class 10 memory card. Thankfully, you can swap the microSD card for a faster chip, or for more storage, or both.

Thanks to Sony's powerful 16MP Exmor R BSI sensor, the Mi Pro Action Camera is capable of taking 1080p videos @60fps, 720p videos @120fps, and 480p videos @240fps. An Ambarella A7LS camera processor does the heavy lifting when it comes to the actual processing of the raw video stream.

A little more about the 16MP Sony sensor. It's a 155-degree wide angle lens. Selfies are going to be wonderful with this device (although that shouldn't be your primary usage, if you happen to buy this box). Also, the aperture is f/2.8, which isn't all that impressive for low-light photography. But we figure that most people using the Mi Pro Action camera will do so in broad daylight.

The Xiaomi Mi Pro Action Camera has built-in WiFi connectivity. It has a 1010 mAh battery, and comes in two colors - White, and Jungle Green. The Mi Pro Action Camera is priced at CNY 399 ($63) for the basic edition, and CNY 499 ($79) for the Travel edition, which comes with a selfie kit.

Xiaomi is also offering a waterproof case, which will allow the Mi Pro Action Camera to be submerged in up to 40 meters under water. A dedicated Smartphone app will allow you to easily connect to and control the Mi Pro Action Camera remotely.

For now, it is not known whether Xiaomi will bring the Mi Pro Action Camera to markets outside of China. But we certainly hope that they do.