Evernote For iPhone and iPad Get Shortcuts, Related Notes And Skitch Support

Evernote for iPhone and iPad has been updated to a new version 5.4. This cool new update allows users to rediscover their notes, jump straight to your important content, annotate anything easily and learn from helpful new tips.

Shortcuts - Allows users to easily access your important notes or tags. It was formerly called 'Favorites' on the Apple iPhone. All shortcuts are synced to the cloud, so that no matter which platform you use Evernote on, you always have access to all of your content just the way you left it.

Related Notes - Something like the "Related" tab under the popular websites that you read daily, the Evernote team keeps working to link you to content which might be related to yours, allowing you to discover potentially helpful content at the right time.

Recent Notes - Recently viewed notes will be shown in the recently-view notes at the bottom of the app to quickly jump into whatever you were doing, recently.

Skitch integration - To easily annotate just about anything in your Evernote account, download and install Skitch and enjoy Evernote integration of the Skitch app.

To read more, hit the link to the Evernote blog posted below.