EA Signs New Contracts For Sports Titles

Earlier this week it had been reported that Electronic Arts and the NCAA hard parted ways, and their licensing deal had come to an end. True to its word, though, Electronic Arts said it would continue to develop the football series and has signed new contracts.

Originally, EA had an exclusive contract with the NCAA but after a lawsuit claiming they were monopolizing the sport, agreed to a 5 year non-exclusive deal. This was also met with problems as individual players started suing the NCAA for use of their likenesses in the games without their permission. This prompted the NCAA to not renew the agreement citing business climate and the cost of litigation.

Wanting to continue the series, with or without the NCAA, EA has now signed a non-exclusive agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to include the trademarks of more than 150 schools, conferences and bowl games in the titles it will release in the future. EA said that it has a strong working relationship with the CLC and that it is already working on next year's college football title.