HP Brings Hybrid EliteBook Revolve Notebook

Business users have a great choice when buying a laptop, and EliteBook is certainly one of them. Its design stands out from the rest, and the company announced making a brand new hybrid-concept EliteBook, combined with an Ivy Bridge and touchscreen tablet.

HP tries to bring a complete redesign in its EliteBook Revolve series. The main feature of the new hybrid notebook is a swivel hinge that allows it to alternate between a laptop and tablet. The display is protected by a sheet of Corning Gorilla Glass which is widely used in iPhone smartphones with standardized resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. There are numerous connections without business user and even a normal user can't work. This includes a 256GB SSD, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, the base memory is 4 GB RAM and can be extended to 12GB

"We expect the battery to be close to 10 hours, but it hasn't been finalized," said Ajay Gupta, director of commercial notebook products.

"The usability, the feel we wanted in people's hands and the performance we wanted to deliver, this was really the most elegant way of delivering that,"

The Revolve will be available worldwide in March and pricing will be announced at the time of release.