PS4 Game Developers Scratching Their Heads On What To Do With All The Available RAM

The jump from a measly 512 MB of RAM on current generation consoles to a whopping 8 GB of RAM on next-generation systems has left developers scratching their heads on what to do with all the available RAM, and understandably so, seeing a 16 times increase in available memory in the PlayStation 4.

A PlayStation 4 game developer (working on the title "Contrast") expresses that developers are:

"Still scratching our heads as to what to do with it all"

"Haha, well, it makes it really easy to get onto their platform! There is so much memory and so many cores on that machine we're still scratching our head as to what to do with all of them." - Abbot

The PS4 packs 16 times more memory than the PS3. Out of the 8 GB of screaming fast GDDR5 VRAM, game developers can access 7 GB for running their games. They don't have to worry about anything else as all other background processes and the console's OS runs on the remaining 1 GB of RAM. That wasn't the case with the limited 256 MB + 256 MB configuration in the PS3.

"It's definitely a lot easier than on the previous generation of consoles where the architecture was much more divergent from PCs, but it's also not as simple as cut & paste .Once the industry has had a few months to iron out its kinks, it should be much easier to develop for the PS4 than for the PS3."

Well, the developers may be scratching their heads now but in the long run, they'll find a way to use the 7 GB of RAM, optimally.