MediaTek To Introduce New Chipsets Using PowerVR SGX600 GPU In Q4 2013

MediaTek, the driving force behind affordable Chinese Smartphones equipped with quad-core processors is allegedly working on an octa-core chipset, in addition to a 4G LTE supporting SoC and an updated quad-core ARM Cortex A7 SoC, set to pack a PowerVR SGX600 series GPU.

MediaTek chipsets might end up as the first in the world to pack the new PowerVR SGX600 series GPUs (or maybe the Apple iPhone 5S beats them to it). The new Series 6 GPU, part of the PowerVR Rogue series announced years ago, has been long eluding mobile devices. PowerVR promised a very high increase in graphics performance with their Rogue series of GPUs, and we are hoping for just that.

The two MediaTek SoCs which will pack the new Rogue GPU, according to the leaked roadmap, are based on the ARM Cortex A7 low-power CPU architecture. While the MT6588 SoC will pack a quad-core A7 CPU (max clock speed of 1.7 GHz), the MT6592 SoC might end up as the world's first true octa-core chipset with eight Cortex A7 CPUs (max clock speed of 2.0 GHz). Both chipsets will be manufactured using the 28nm HKMG process and should arrive sometime in Q4 2013. Staying true to their promise of low-cost products, both chipsets will cost south of $20 a piece.