Wasteland 2 Release Date Delayed

Getting overfunded on a Kickstarter campaign is every teams dream, but with it comes a few issues. The lead on the upcoming game, Wasteland 2, has stated in a blog post on Kickstarter that with the extra money they added new ideas which will delay the game.

Brian Fargo stated that being greatly overfunded will allow them to create a larger game for players and described it as, "one that is in fact quite epic in size, " and that it could be the largest role playing game that he has worked on to date.

It's for this reason that the game's release date will not hit the intended October time frame they had initially projected.

They expect to have a feature complete version in the next month that will contain all the basic game functionality like the combat system, character creation, artificial intelligence, and that the artists are working on building them up. According to their estimates the playable version is about 6 weeks behind schedule due to the increase in scope.

He did state, however, that they are planning to begin a beta testing phase in October, and when they receive enough feedback they will announce a new release date for the game.