2014 On, UK Netizens Must Opt for Access to Adult Content on the Web

UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the country's proposed internet filter that blocks out adult-entertainment (pornographic) websites will be enabled by default for all users, and will be lifted only if a subscriber writes to their ISP "opting for" access to restricted websites, that will be otherwise filtered out. Such an opt-in would be one-time, and can be opted-out any time, re-enabling the filter.

While the filter steers clear of trampling on personal liberties, it is sure to spark national debate on how effective or gimmicky the system really is. Detractors of the system are already debating how it can be easily circumvented, and how it's impossible for the average household with a single Internet connection shared between multiple computers and devices, to let the filter stay, since there will be normal adults in each household, and consuming adult entertainment is a normal thing to do.

Prime Minister Cameron expects the filter to go live by 2014, or late-2013.