New Kinect To Be Far Better At Tracking You

At Comic Con in San Diego, Microsoft assembled a panel of developers to discuss some of various new features of their upcoming console, the Xbox One. One of the more interesting was Nick Burton's talk on the Kinect device and how it's been improved.

Nick Burton, the lead of new technology at Rare, explained that the fidelity of the original Kinect was just not "quite there." The current generation is able to track about twenty points on a player's body, while the new Kinect has about ten times that resolution and is able to discriminate between your fingers at a distance of three meters (about 10 feet) and can even read the folds on your face.

In an addition demonstration, Burton showed that the Kinect could make a mask of a player's face, and then map that mask to a model in-game. This means that you will be able to map your actual facial data and body mass index information onto the character you will be controlling in the game.

Since this feature is what Microsoft calls a "system level feature" any developer who wished to use it will be able to take advantage of the technology.