MediaTek's Octa-Core MT6592 SoC To Rival Snapdragon 800 And Tegra 4


As if a leaked roadmap revealing two powerful SoCs from MediaTek weren't enough for the day, another leaked image dug out by the guys MyDrivers gives us a glimpse of the performance that the world's first true octa-core chipset, MediaTek MT6592, might pack.

The benchmark gives us a score of 29,600, a score that beats the likes of the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (at least the first wave of phones where the SoC is clocked slightly lower than the max 2.3 GHz specification). MediaTek fans, there's another reason to be happy. This isn't the final score for the octa-core SoC as the processors are clocked in at 1.7 GHz, a full 300 MHz less than the chipset's max specified clock of 2 GHz. Is this a promise of even higher performance?

It is particularly interesting to note that the MediaTek SoC has been marked as a "LOW" power chip in comparison to its competition. Could this octa-core be both a powerhouse performer yet more power-efficient than the number-crunching beasts of today? Guess we'll find out only towards the end of the year, when the octa-core chip based devices are scheduled to invade the market.