Google Set New Internet Traffic Record

DeepField, an internet monitoring company has posted a report on their blog that Google has set a new internet record when it comes to internet traffic. Google has grown immensely in the last 3 years and is now bigger than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined.

Compiling the information from internet service provider (ISP) partners, their data shows that in North America, over 62% of all internet end use devices exchanged traffic with Google at least once a day. This includes not only computers and mobile devices, but also game consoles, home media appliances and other types of devices.

In the last report they published on large-scale measurements back in 2010, Google represent a paltry 6% of North American internet traffic. That number has jumped dramatically and they now account for almost 25% of internet traffic on average. The only company with a greater bandwidth usage is Netflix, but that traffic has peaks that only last a few hours in the morning and evenings.

One of the reasons for the jump in traffic is that Google has been deploying thousands of cache servers to ISPs to handle the most popular traffic so that all of the requests are not directed back to Google's main datacenters.

While it's not possible to get exact numbers on internet traffic, this report shows that if the whole internet is representative of their sample, Google has gotten absolutely massive.