Bloodborne Review Roundup: Frustrating, Beautiful, Brilliant Masterpiece; Best PS4 Exclusive RPG Game

From Software's PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne releases today. Shortly after the embargo was lifted, reviews started pouring in from every corner of the world. And if all those reviews had a singular voice, this is what they would be saying: "Bloodborne is the best PS4 game, yet."

In this Bloodborne review roundup, we are summarizing the best points raised by various reviews from top sources.

  • PlayStation Universe: Bloodborne is 'bleeding brilliance'.
  • Gaming Nexus: It's a gorgeous and dreadful world that sucks you in, and then kills you.
  • Polygon: The game has sent me into a frustrated rage plenty of times, but it remains incredibly satisfying.
  • The Escapist: Bloodborne's combat is sublime, its challenge is second to none, and its world is unforgettable.
  • Eurogamer: Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best?
  • EGM: Bloodborne is a game about slowly going insane.
  • Kotaku: 20 Hours In, I'm Obsessed With Bloodborne
  • Game Informer: A Macabre Masterpiece.
  • Attack of the Fanboy: Bloodborne is a game about learning from your mistakes.
  • Tom's Guide: Gorgeous, interconnected world; Exciting, fast combat; Eerie sound and visuals; Weird characters and lore
  • The Sydney Morning Herald: Dark Souls successor is a gothic masterpiece.
  • Destructoid: Right from the get-go, Bloodborne feels right on the PlayStation 4.
  • Financial Post: PlayStation 4 finally has its killer app. And it will kill you. A lot.
  • PlayStation Lifestyle: The PlayStation 4 finally has its exclusive killer RPG.
  • Gamespot: Bloodborne is rewarding to play, impressive both in how it cribs from the Souls games as well as in how it deviates from them.

The average Bloodborne PS4 review score is 9.5/10. What does that tell you? It tells you that if you own a PlayStation 4, you need to move your ass and buy this game at once. Go go go!