Sony PlayStation 4 Consumer Model Passes Through The FCC

Just a week after the Sony PlayStation 4 developer kit passed through the FCC, this time round it's the PlayStation 4 consumer edition. The PS4 once again reveals a "max clock frequency" of 2.75 GHz, which we believe to be the max clock speed of the AMD Jaguar CPU inside the PlayStation 4. The APU inside the PlayStation 4 packs 8 of AMD's low-power Jaguar architecture based processors, in case you don't recall. Up until last week, we were convinced of its core clock to be a mere 1.6 GHz, but the FCC certifications lead us to speculate that the CPUs might have a Turbo clock speed, equal to a "max" 2.75 GHz "clock frequency".

Apart from that, the operating temperature of the PS4 lies between 5-35C, weighs 2.8KG (slightly heavier than the PS3 Slim) and is being manufactured in both Japan and China.