Next Week in Gaming: March - Week Four

Continuing on from last week, this series of articles is to help keep you guys up to date with what's been happening in the gaming world, and fill you in on what's coming in the week to come. I'll be announcing game releases, interviews, as well as introducing next week's review title.

  • Pillars of Eternity Review

Needless to say, this title was absolute top on my list this week. It launched on Thursday this week, and was immediately pre-loaded onto my machine ready for when I returned from work. You guys will see my full (and likely dense) review of Pillars of Eternity next week on the 2nd April. Developed by one of the remaining bastions of classic RPG's, Obsidian Entertainment, this title is published by the reverent Paradox Interactive, who seem to be on a roll lately with some pretty shiny looking titles. This game made a lot of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale fans extremely happy. If you ever played Neverwinter Nights to death like me, this game is designed for people like you. I've already made by Godlike (race choice) Monk, and waded into the first town. It feels like I've put on a nice pair of old slippers.

  • Sword Coast Legends Gameplay Video released!

Last week I was fortunate enough to spot a video showing ten minutes of campaign gameplay for Sword Coast Legends. Although the game isn't due for Q3 of 2015, I couldn't help but want to share the gameplay video with you guys. This game seems to be being developed in order to capitalise on the huge uprising that Pillars of Eternity and Tides of Numenara has caused. Can't say I'm feeling negative about it, it's actually looking pretty good so far. The director is the same gent from Dragon Age: Origins, so it sounds like the actual content should be pretty damn good. Sword Coast Legends is set to allow up to four players to play co-op, and will also feature a mode for a 5th player to play as the (usually irritating) dungeon master.

  • Hounds: The Last Hope Closed Beta

So I was made aware of this game last week through a forum post. The first I heard of it, it was up for sign-ups in Korea, and then last week they announced sign-ups for basically everyone else. It's an online shooter, looks to be third person, and boasts "next-gen" graphics. Hounds: The Last Hope almost reminds me of Combat Arms in a weird way, only it looks ten times more polished. Judging it with most other East Asian MMO's in mind, I'm expecting it to actually be relatively good. It's got PVE as well as PVP, a bunch of classes and some shiny looking guns. It's not massively futuristic in clothing and weaponisation, but the addition of weird mutant aliens is probably enough to think otherwise. You can apply for Closed Beta here, and it's due to be up and running in April some time. It's published by some random company called Buff, though their only other game is a random gambling slot machine thing.

  • Star Wars Battlefront III

Star Wars Battlefront III has been something I've heard about numerous times by the press over the last few months. It's probably worth noting that despite it not happening next week, the Star Wars Celebration at Anaheim is happening on the 16-19th April. EA basically announced that a reveal will be happening for Battlefront III at this event. I enjoyed Battlefront a huge amount when I was younger, though I reckon if I revisited it, it probably wouldn't quite be as much fun on a singleplayer setting. It's being developed by DICE, the guys who basically continually broke Battlefield over and over again, and published by DLC slaver's EA. I'm stoked, I like the Star Wars franchise, and I hope to go they don't ruin Battlefront as a whole for me. Perhaps I'm wearing rose tinted glasses when it comes to the game, but god, please don't suck.

  • Green Man Gaming Bethesda Sale

The guys at GMG are having a sale on Bethesda games, so there's a whole bunch of deals going on. These no doubt include the big guns, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored and Fallout, not just the lastest, but the oldest too. If you're been following the Skywind Mod, and you fancy having a blast at playing Morrowind in the Skyrim engine in the near future, now's your chance to buy up all those deliciously cheap titles (and DLC). If you've simply missed the last million steam sales where all these games are dirt, cheap, at least GMG have got you covered. You really should work on your game sales schedule though. There's a couple of awful games on there, like Hunted: The Demon's Forge, but hey, at that price I can't complain.

  • What have I been playing?

Following on from Mass Effect 2, which I completed last week, I'm now on to Mass Effect 3. I finished up without anybody dying, save for Yeoman Kelly Chambers. I did Legion's Loyalty Mission before going on the suicide mission, so Kelly got turned into chicken paste. Shame really, I let her feed my fish. As for Mass Effect 3, good god the gameplay feels so so much better. I didn't realise just how clunky Mass Effect 2 movement was until I started my ME3 game. I imported my character, and all was well. Then I was reminded about how the story writer was a moron and put those irritating cutscenes with the little boy in the game, and I hated those bits. They weren't emotional, because they looked so damn cheap. Also, what is with those clothing textures? They look less than 720p! Still, enjoying myself a hell of a lot, hopefully now I'll have a good reason to play the ME3 multiplayer too.

  • What have you been playing?

Spill it. How many of you bought Pillars of Eternity and are now min-maxing the crap out of your characters? Have you been sneakily looking up guides on the most efficient ways to play? Or have you taken to an old-school game for a little nostalgic entertainment? Let us know in the comments below.