Microsoft Pulls Funny Currency Math on UK, EU Gamers

As if the €1 ≠ $1 campaign in Europe didn't teach them anything, Microsoft Studios is trying to pull a £50 = $60 trick on gamers in the UK. Xbox One games (some of the first games to roll out on the Xbox One), will be priced £49.99 (equivalent of $76.6) in the UK, even as they go for $59.99 in the US. Games such as Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5 on Microsoft's UK store are priced such.

Bad pricing could be combination of two equally vicious factors. Britain's brutal taxation, and Microsoft trying to get the most foreign currency under its veil. While we'll never know the underlying math determining prices (as Microsoft won't disclose the margins it worked out with local distributors), asking £50 for a game that's $60 across the pond smells fishy. Elsewhere in Europe, another horror story is taking shape. Game distributors are giving final touches to a €69.99 price tag, at least in France and Germany, which works out to an atrocious $92.7 USD.

Oh, and those are RRP (recommended retail prices) we're talking about, we won't even get into the markups certain ground-stores add.