Ubuntu Edge Now Priced At $625 After $600 Model Sells Out

Canonical's massively ambitious $32 million Indiegogo campaign might not be chugging along with the same momentum as the initial 24 hours, but the Ubuntu Edge team has been periodically making changes to the crowd funding program, adding attractive new options.

After the initial $600 limited edition batch sold out, users were a bit hesitant to shell out $830 for the Smartphone. The Ubuntu Edge team noticed the user hesitation and quickly added three new funding tiers to their campaign on Indiegogo. You can now have the Ubuntu Edge for $625, $675 or $725 in addition to the initial options. There are no additional perks to be received for paying extra, except the sense of feeling good about yourselves, having helped Canonical to move one step closer to the realization of their dream.

$625 is a very attractive price for a, might I say, sexy looking phone. The hardware's no slouch too, said to be powered by the "fastest quad-core" processor, 4GB of RAM (yep, that's not a typo), 128GB of internal storage and a 4.5" HD (1280 x 720) display. Here's another first, the Ubuntu Edge will dual-boot Android and Ubuntu, so you can use the OS of your choice whenever you feel like.

Hit the source link to be redirected to the Indiegogo campaign, in case you're looking to buy one right away.