NVIDIA Working On Cloud Based Gaming Technology

Cloud based gaming has had a less than stellar start with companies like OnLive making big promises and not quite delivering due to technical problems. Enter Nvidia Grid, a cloud based gaming technology that works with subscription based game services.

While still in its early stages, it's currently being tested on Nvidia's own international network of servers and is up and running in some territories powering cloud based casual gaming.

One of the first goals of Nvidia Grid is to provide games across multiple platforms;

"The first is multi-device gaming. A lot of gamers want their games on multiple platforms and cloud gaming is a great way to do that, you can develop on one platform, stream from the server and get it on any device you want. It enables games on subscription as an option."

They state that latency still remains the number one problem when dealing with cloud based gaming, but says that Grid can halve the game input lag by leveraging new GPU technology that allows streaming directly from the GPU without having to first move to a framebuffer.

Nvidia currently has many game partners so it will be interesting to see how well this succeeds and what types of games will end up being suitable for this kind of technology.