NVIDIA Project Logan Alive and Kicking at SIGGRAPH

"Project Logan," NVIDIA's attempt to build a mobile (smartphone/tablet) GPU based on its successful "Kepler" micro-architecture, is alive and kicking. The company showed off a small demo board with the chip, running NVIDIA's "Digital Ira" tech-demo it co-developed with Faceworks, to show off the pixel-crunching muscle of its GeForce GTX Titan graphics card. So just how powerful is Project Logan? NVIDIA claims it has the compute power of a GeForce 8800 GTX, and is a hundred times faster than the GPU inside a 4th generation iPad.

The GPU supports the recently-launched OpenGL 4.4 API, in addition to OpenGL ES 3.0, and DirectX 11, that's right, Windows RT users need to play every now and then, too. Where "Project Logan" edges past current mobile GPU IP is its hardware capabilities, that include tessellation, advanced lighting, realistic physics (PhysX), and of course, GPGPU. News about what the rest of SoC looks like? There's none. With NVIDIA deciding to licence its GPU IP like Imagination Technology, we think SoCs from other brands will come with Project Logan before NVIDIA does, if it even does.