Chinese And US Attack Traffic Down, DDoS Attacks On The Rise


In their 1st Quarter 2013 report of The State of the Internet, Akamai, an internet content delivery network, showed that attack traffic from China and the United States dropped, but that DDoS attacks were on the rise with enterprises targeted the most.

The report shows that China's share of attack traffic dropped to 34%, down from 41% in the previous quarter and the United States dropped from 10% to a little over 8%. The report also shows that the attack traffic from Indonesia increased from 0% to a whopping 20%. They state the most likely reason for the increase was increased botnet activity in the country.

On the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack front, they saw an increase of 4%, from 200 to 208, by customers reporting being targeted by the attacks. The most targeted group was enterprise customers who comprised 35% of all the DDoS attacks. They also saw an increase in account takeover attempt behavior from a number of merchants from attackers that had gotten credentials from other sites.

Their report, which you can read at the source link, also details information on Broadband adoption rates, mobile connectivity, IPv4 space exhaustion and more.