ZAGG Intros Universal Wireless Keyboard for Tablets

Tablets' larger screen area allows on-screen keyboards for fat-fingers, but for those that type a lot, its lack of ergonomics and tactile feedback can make for a painful experience. That's where peripherals maker ZAGG steps in. Its newest ZAGGKeys Universal wireless keyboard for practically any device that supports Bluetooth keyboards, features an ergonomic wavy design with Chicklet keys, and a lid that completely detaches from the keyboard, turning into a stand for your tablet or smartphone. In the picture above, a Galaxy Tab 8 is placed on that stand.

ZAGGKeys Universal supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, apart from PC operating systems like Windows, OS X, and Linux. It tucks in a rechargeable battery that charges over micro-USB. The same connector can be used to plug it directly to a compatible device, and use as a conventional USB HID keyboard. Available now, it's selling for $70.