GTA V PC Version Is 65GB In Size, And That's A Good Thing

Tomorrow's the 14th of April. It is an important date for fans of the Grand Theft Auto series who play on PCs. Rockstar Games, after having deprived us for years, is finally releasing GTA V for PC. Those who pre-ordered the game on Steam have pre-loaded the game already, the process having begun on April 7th itself.

At first, PC gamers were in for a slight shock. GTA V for PC is a huge download, nearly 65GB. But that's actually a good thing. Here's why.

While a few of those who have legitimately purchased the GTA V PC version complained about the massive size of the game, they know that they are getting their money's worth of content. But, for those who haven't purchased GTA V, those "pirates" are apprehensive of downloading the game because of its size.

Recalling chats with a few friends of mine over the last week, I gathered that many of them plan to simply purchase the GTA 5 disc version from a retail store to save a week of downloading, and start playing the game on launch day.

Many ended up buying it on Steam and downloading the legitimate version of GTA V for PC. They figured that if they are giving up over 60GB of their monthly FUP limit downloading a game, they might as well get the original version with all the features enabled, such as Online Hiests, etc.

So you see, the huge size of the GTA V PC version is actually discouraging many from pirating the game, and going for the original. And that's why Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC being a 60GB+ download is a good thing.

In case you haven't purchased your legitimate copy of GTA V PC yet, here's a link to the Steam page.

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