COD Developer Gets Death Threats Due To Patch Notes

If you think that being a game developer garners you the admiration and adoration of the fans of your game, you may want to think again. After Activision released Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 patch notes, one developer began receiving death threats on Twitter.

The developer targeted was Design Director David Vonderhaar, who is one of the high profile developers at Treyarch, and after the changes to a few of the weapons in the game were listed started to receive not only death threats but promises of violence against his family.

The whole thing started because three of the weapons in the game, the AN-94, DSR 50 and the Baliista had their damage or rate of fire reduced.

Being are very patient person and deciding not to feed the internet trolls, Vonderhaar explained how the changes would actually effect game play.

"The DSR fire time was 0.2 seconds. It's now 0.4 seconds," he wrote. "The rechamber time was 1.0 seconds. It's now 1.1 seconds."

"Let me put some perspective into your life because I do care about what you say," he continued. "Not sure these fractions of seconds are worth the threats of violence."

Maybe some of these people who felt compelled to threaten the developer of a game need to get off their computers, go out into the real world and learn how to act in a socially acceptable manner.