Best Buy Brings Back $200 Apple iPad Trade-In Offer

Best Buy has brought back their popular Apple iPad trade-in deal. If you avail the offer, you can get an "at least" $200 discount on purchasing a new retina Apple iPad 3 or iPad 4 in exchange for your old iPad 2 or iPad 3, which must be in "good working order" mind you.

The retailer has specifically mentioned that people trying to exchange an iPad with a cracked screen shouldn't even bother trying to avail the discount offer. Best Buy would like to remind you folks that a tablet with a cracked screen doesn't meet the "good working order" criteria, we agree so too.

Nevertheless, this is a good deal for those looking for a quick upgrade from the iPad 2 to the iPad 4. But if I were you, I would hold on to my money a little bit longer. The new iPad 5 isn't that far away.