EA Revenue From Digital Downloads Surpasses That Of Disc-Based Games

Mobile Gaming Era

Electronic Arts has revealed in its first fiscal quarter results report that the game studio company earned a greater revenue from all of their digital businesses combined against revenue earned through disc-based games. EA stated DLC and mobile as the key factors.

The company's official revenue via DLC, web and mobile sales stood at an impressive $482 million, while the revenue from disc-based game distribution stood at $467 million. Such a revenue shift further highlights the growing dominance of mobile gaming, and that flagship mobile games and the overly popular free-to-play model actually works very well (a large part of revenue from the web must have come from in-game microtransactions, although EA hasn't officially broken down their revenue streams), and actually works better than sales via brick-and-mortar stores.

Real Racing 3 has been downloaded over 45 million times.

Be sure to expect even higher quality flagship mobile game titles in the future from EA. The mobile gaming scene only gets hotter each day.