Leaked Images Show Fully Assembled iPhone Lite

Leaked images of the Apple iPhone Lite have been teasing us all for weeks. Throughout all the leaked images, we never got one image that showed a fully assembled iPhone Lite, with the front panel attached. All we got to see was the shell, the back cover. Not anymore.

Presenting to you, the first leaked images of the upcoming budget Apple iPhone Lite that also shows the front panel, rumored to be a 4" panel of the same resolution (1136 x 640) as the Apple iPhone 5.

Although we aren't particularly fond of the idea of a plastic iPhone, cost-cutting has to be made somewhere for the final phone's price to qualify for the "budget" category. It was decided that build-quality would be sent to the guillotine. Nevertheless, this won't be the first time that a costly plastic phone hit the market, it won't be the last either.