Microsoft To Let Indie Dev's Self Publish On Xbox Live

Once again bending to pressure over an unpopular policy decision made concerning the Xbox One, Microsoft is doing an about face and changing the way it will handling publishing requirements. This will allows indie devs access to distribution without publishers.

Many independent developers in the gaming industry felt that Microsoft's policy of requiring them to have a publishing partner was basically telling them that they were not interested in independent games on Xbox Live.

After the heat they took and actually giving a little thought to what losing many independent studios as partners, Microsoft has reversed its decisions and will now allow developers to set their own release dates and pricing. This will create a lot less problems for small development companies who want to publish and market their own products.

Microsoft is also pushing to revamp the certification process. They will be targeting a turn-around time of fourteen day for approval, and will be looking more at terms of service (TOS) violations and major bug, instead of performing extensive code testing for each submission.