Sony Xperia Z Tablet Gets Android 4.3 AOSP ROM From Sony, Already

So what if Google only announced their new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean mobile operating system yesterday? Sony just couldn't wait to release their first ROM based on the new OS. Presenting, Android 4.3 Android Open Source Project ROM for the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, the first AOSP ROM based on Android 4.3 for a non-Nexus device.

If you are impressed already, wait till you read this. The developers working for Sony didn't have weeks, or even days to achieve this feat. In fact, the Sony developers got their hands on the source code only yesterday, after Google's event. Between then and now, they've got a functional Android 4.3 AOSP ROM working on their flagship Xperia Z Tablet, and most of the features (like WiFi and multi-profile support) work, even if the Sony Mobile Blog states the build as unstable.

Want to taste the newest flavor of Android on your Xperia Z Tablet? Head over to the repository, link posted below.

Android 4.3 AOSP ROM for the Sony Xperia Z - Github