Buy Sarah's Jenner And Help Cancer Research

Last May, a five year old girl who was a fan of Mechwarrior Online, passed away after losing her battle with inoperable brain cancer. In a stand-up move by Piranha Games, they announced a special mech for sale and all proceeds will go to cancer research.

The young girl's name was Sarah Marie Alida Parries who lived in Vancouver. Her favorite mech chassis was the Jenner with Streak SRMs, because she enjoyed locking on to enemy targets and running around using night vision to blast bad guys with medium lasers.

In her honor, Piranha has created a new mech called "Sarah's Jenner" which is on sale now that can be purchased for $10 with all of the money collected going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Being a special mech, it cannot be purchased with C-Bills, nor sold, and each player can purchase only one. The community has responded fantastically and in the first hour of the mech being available they had raised over $6000. As of this writing the proceeds stand at almost $47,000.

You can get your own "Sarah's Jenner" here, and additional information on the mech on their forums.

Well done, guys and gals, well done.