Does The New Nexus 7 Have Build Quality Issues?


It looks like the new Nexus 7 might have some build quality issues plaguing a small percentage of Google's newest Nexus branded device. Built by Asus (just like the original Nexus 7), a new Nexus 7 owner reported an issue after only 10 minutes of usage.

A reader who purchased a new Nexus 7 for himself from GameStop store earlier today posted a picture of the Nexus 7 engravings on the back of the tablet after just 10 minutes of using it. As you can see, the 'u' letter is just coming off the tablet back, something you don't expect from a brand new tablet, but only the cheap Chinese branded ones. Let's hope that this isn't a widespread issue but just a localized fault (for both Google's and Asus's sake).

In case any of you are facing such issues with your new Nexus 7, do drop a line below.