Notch Thinks Allowing All Xbox One's To Be Dev Kits A Wonderful Idea

It was revealed last week that not only was Microsoft going to allow independent developers to self publish their games on Xbox Live with the Xbox One, but also that every Xbox One console could also be used as a development console. Notch likes the idea.

Markus Persson, the creator of the hit game Minecraft and better known as "Notch", has stated that he things it's a wonderful idea to be able to use the actual Xbox One's for development.

"I think it's a wonderful idea to have the actual box be the dev kits," Notch told us. "This makes it easier for both the developer and for Microsoft, and presumably they could make it a lot cheaper since they'd only sell unlock codes. I realize there are other factors at play here, though, like a perceived need to make sure only 'legitimate' developers get access to it, so a monetary barrier might still be in place."

Notch is not alone in his praise on the subject of Microsoft changing their policies for independent developers as other developers, with people such as Bungie's founder, Alex Seropian, also calling the changes by Microsoft a "great move."

If Microsoft does charge a fee for developers' to get a some kind of key to unlock the Xbox One for development, one has to wonder how long it will take hackers to break the codes and make it so everyone can have a dev kit in their living room.