Windows Phone And Android Show Positive Growth In South Africa

iOS and BB don't

Well here's some news for all those sworn Windows Phone fans. The ecosystem has shown some really strong growth in South Africa, a country dominated by BlackBerry, but looks like the Berry has to leave the house there too. Android comes after in South Africa.

Between May and July 2013, Windows Phone saw a near 47% growth, or an increase of 70,000 users. In the same period, Android saw a greater growth of 200,000 users, but a smaller growth percentage of just 20%. iOS and BlackBerry on the other hand haven't been doing well. The number of users has neither dropped nor picked up, which essentially translates to a 0% growth... Zero percent (that can't be a good thing).

That Windows Phone is outselling iOS devices in South Africa was almost unthinkable last year, a feat that deserves applause (Microsoft and Nokia, both rise). According to IDC, the total installed base of Windows Phone should exceed that of iOS by the end of 2013, pretty bold claim, but looks like it may actually pan out. Such a huge growth is largely thanks to Nokia's push with low-cost phones such as the Lumia 620 and Lumia 520 (especially the 520) which have sold in (large) numbers.

BlackBerry on the other end... Well... It's coming to an end.