Foxconn To Hire As Many As 90,000 Workers To Help Assemble The iPhone 5S

A new report from Taiwan reveals details about contract manufacturer Foxconn's plans to hire as many as 90,000 new workers to help assemble Apple's next-generation flagship Smartphone, the iPhone 5S. Apart from the iPhone 5S, there are two other devices in tow, also to be manufactured by the huge workforce. These include the "budget" Apple iPhone 5C (said to be a refreshed iPhone 5 with a cheaper build) and the next-generation Apple iPad 5 tablet. Foxconn has allegedly already begun testing the assembly of the iPhone 5S and is ready to begin rolling out fully functional phones off of their assembly lines.

The iPhone 5S will pack a new Biometric sensor (fingerprint scanner) which reportedly was the reason behind delays in production.