Boomerang For Android Updated, Moves Closer To Being A Standalone Solution

GMail client gets better

Popular Gmail extension Boomerang, now available on the Play Store (and can hence be used on your Android device) has just received an update. The app/extension allows one to write an email in advance and schedule it to be sent at a preset time. Sounds good eh.

- Push notifications **NEW**
- Support for "Send as" feature **NEW**

The new update to Boomerang which hit devices yesterday adds some pretty powerful new features, features that make the app good enough to work as a standalone Gmail client on its own. One of the new features includes the addition of "push notifications" for all incoming email. Additionally, the app now allows you to send emails anonymously by sending out a new message under an alias. Updates have brought this app to a stage where it works pretty well and users can replace their official Gmail client with Boomerang for all purposes.

Boomerang for Android on Google Play Store

Interested in downloading the app on your Android device? Hit the Play Store page by following the link posted above.