Google Maps Returns to iPhone with SDK

Google Maps made its much anticipated comeback on the iPhone. The once-indispensable part of the iPhone experience, was cast aside by iOS 6 in favor of Apple's very own Maps software, which is so badly broken that police-departments around the world even called using it "potentially life-threatening."

The new Google Maps app introduces GPS-assisted turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone. The app's biggest USP, however, is Google's humongous database of local businesses and places of interest, in addition to street view. Find the new Google Maps on Apple's App Store.

The new Google Maps for iOS only works on the iPhone, and an iPad version is expected later. In addition to launching Google Maps app, its makers released an SDK for Apple iOS developers to build their software around it. The SDK uses a URL-based method for apps to call its mapping service with custom overlays, which loads Apple Maps in case Google Maps isn't installed. Developers interested in the SDK can register their interest, and apply for an API key here.