Galaxy S4 Bursts Into Flames, Sets House On Fire In Hong Kong

Love Machine too hot to handle

A not-so-happy Galaxy S4 (ex) owner from Hong Kong claims that his precious, made by Samsung, burst into flames while he was playing the game "Love Machine", a not-so-intensive title to begin with. The man was so startled when the phone burst that he threw it at once, an understandably normal reaction when something that you're holding in your hand decides to randomly explode. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4 in its fire-cracker avatar fell under the sofa and quickly set it on fire, which in turn spread to the curtains, and from there, made history out of his house. Thankfully the man, his wife and pets rushed out of the house immediately and were mostly unscatched. The same can't be told of their home and possessions inside. The fire even spread into the Mercedes parked in the next building (ouch).

This isn't the first time that we've heard reports of an exploding Galaxy S4, prompting many to call it the Samsung Galaxy C4 instead. Jokes apart, Samsung Hong Kong has vowed to investigate the matter and use some internal chemical tests to find out whether the man was using a genuine Galaxy S4, which he claims he was, and was bought from a friend.