Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo Campaign In Trouble

The latest charts at over at an information site keeping track of the Ubuntu Edge crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo doesn't bear good news for the Open Source outfit. While the initial response, and response to structured perks were very good, things are looking bleak now as daily sales are simply far lesser than they should be. At the present rate (see image above), the Indiegogo campaign will never make it to the tall $32 million campaign target. Perhaps the guys over at Canonical are wondering if they should have set a far more achievable target, say $15 million or $20 million. That however would have been at the cost of the increased selling price of each handset.

Despite having all the elements of success, the Ubuntu Edge campaign is quickly fizzling out. It's up to Canonical to do something, and quick, before the campaign is beyond any hope of recovery (which would be really sad). If only the brought back the original $625 pledge again.