Apple iPhone 5C Phone Case Getting Stocked On Amazon

Starting August 23rd

It's not like we haven't heard enough about the budget Apple iPhone already, whose final product name is allegedly a believable iPhone 5C. This new information leak says that Amazon will begin stocking phone cases for the low-cost iPhone 5C starting August 23, a couple of weeks ahead of the reported arrival (launch) of the Apple iPhone 5C.

The slim fit case, destined to wrap around one iPhone 5C, has been captured and leaked online. You see an elongated volume button design, just as the rumors said. The iPhone 5C is beyond-confirmed to be of a plastic build, pack specifications similar to the iPhone 5, albeit gone through a couple of layers of "cost-cutting", and should launch in the middle of September alongside the next-generation iPhone 5S and iPad 5. The starting price of the "budget" device is rumored to be $349 for the 16 GB model, and $99 with a contract (state side).