Starcraft II Patch 2.0.10 Delayed For A Couple of Days

In a post on the official forums, one of the Community Managers posted that due to finding an issue after deploying the patch to the Southeast Asia region, they are holding off the deployment to all other regions for a day or so while they resolve the issue.

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, after deploying Patch 2.0.10 to the Southeast Asia region of today we've discovered an issue that's going to require us to delay the patching process in all other regions by a day or so. We're hard at work resolving the issue and will be getting the patch rolled out to everyone worldwide as soon as possible!

Sit tight! We'll have more news on this as the issue is resolved.

In the 2.0.10 patch notes showed lots of tweaks and upgrades for eSports and multiplayers, but Blizzard has since pulled the latest patch notes from their site, so we will wait to report on them until they drop the final version.

You can check out some of the highlights in the video below.