GungHo Makes A Truckload Of Money On Puzzle And Dragons

We don't usually report all of the financial reports we find on gaming companies, but some are worth noticing. GungHo Online Entertainment, creators of Puzzle & Dragons released their financial report which shows rather amazing numbers of sales and profits.

As reported by, here are some of the main details of the report.

  • They made $763 million in sales year-over-year, which is a 945.5% increase.
  • Their operating profit grew to $460 million, which is a whopping 4331.2% increase year-over-year.
  • Their net income was $287 million, which equates to a 2609.2% increase year-over year.

It looks as if these number are the direct result of sales from Puzzle & Dragons which is Japan's top selling smartphone game.

When you look at the April to June quarter, the sales were up 41.5% ($446 million), operating profit up 42.6% ($271 million) and net income up 28.7% ($161 million).

This means that in the April to June quarter, GungHo was making approximately $4.9 million per day in sales, and a net profit of $1.8 million per day.

All is not so rosy for the company though, as the report states that sales for July have dropped off and if their estimate of just $138 million is realistic, they would "only" be making about $4.5 million per day for the month.

Even though it appears that growth is slowing for the game, that's still a lot of magic stones.