Samsung Galaxy S6: Missing Mobile Data Toggle, Hotspot, Private Mode Quick Settings

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge? Have you recently noticed that the mobile data quick settings toggle mysteriously disappeared over the weekend? No, you didn't lose the mobile data toggle on your Galaxy S6 while you were out getting drunk.

This issue is in fact being faced by many Galaxy S6 owners from across the world, and the disgruntled have started to report the issue on various online forums. An official response from Samsung is yet to be made.

More about the Galaxy S6 missing mobile data toggle. Some Verizon users say that Samsung has removed the mobile toggle on purpose, so that users forget to switch off mobile data and continue to incur charges or exhaust their data pack. Well, that doesn't seem very likely. If that indeed was Samsung's intention with removing the mobile data toggle, they wouldn't have made a change that affects users globally.

As of now, a fully working fix for the missing data toggle on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge isn't available. It has since come to our notice that the issue isn't localized to mobile data toggle only. Users are reporting missing Mobile data, hotspot and private mode toggles on their Galaxy S6. Certainly, Samsung committed an error somewhere, unintentionally by the looks of it.

UPDATE: Temporary fix for missing mobile data toggle on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is available on XDA forums.

UPDATE 2: Samsung's Customer Care admits that the case of the missing hotspot toggle, private mode toggle, and mobile data toggle is indeed a software issue. The concerned development team is looking into the matter. Hopefully, an official software update is rolled out soon, which fixes the minor, but annoying glitch.

UPDATE 3: Samsung has released the QuickPanel Restore app, an official fix for the missing quick settings toggles on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

What happened exactly?

The mobile data icon disappeared from the quick settings drop-down menu on my Galaxy S6.

How do I get the mobile data toggle back?

Right now, there's absolutely no way to get the toggle back. If you're chosen, then thou shalt suffer.

Okay, so now what?

To toggle mobile data, you will have to enter the Settings menu and then head over to 'Data Usage'.

That's annoying.

That's life.