Mercedes-Benz Experimenting With Google Glass

When you think of Mercedes-Benz, you think of a company that makes high-end luxury vehicles. But with those vehicles come a lot of high-tech hardware and gadgets and the engineers there are working with Google Glass to add more conveniences.

In an interview with the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America, stated that the company's ultimate goal with Google Glass is to create a seemless door-to-door transition involving both in-car navigation and pedestrian walking directions.

The goal is to allow a person to set a destination at home, hop in their car and drive to that destination and then be able to get the remaining walking instructions on their Google Glass. The Google Glass would have to be able to integrate with the vehicles navigation system to get current location, but would eliminate the need for entering information into multiple devices when both walking and driving destinations were required.

The project is still in the works, and they estimate it will be awhile before it hits the market as the cost of Glass is still a factor and most consumers cannot get their hands on one.