Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos Version Cheats In Graphics Benchmarks


Samsung has been caught red handed by our trusty old pals at AnandTech as the guys working over there decided to investigate some quirkiness that they spotted in benchmarks with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa version. Samsung has been cheating us all by boosting the graphics core frequency during gaming related benchmarks (app specific) to post higher scores. This wouldn't have been of particular concern if it were automatic throttling of the CPU governor, but Samsung's software team have actually spent time in tuning the GPU to respond to specific, mainly the popular, graphics intensive benchmarking apps so as to be able to score higher than the competition. We would like for your team to work on improving the user experience and getting those lags thrown out of the Galaxy S4 experience instead. Not cool Samsung, not cool.

For a more detailed analysis, read AnandTech's report by hitting the source link posted below.